Guest: Pınar Abay | ING Bank CEO

In order to raise of our students as a global-minded individuals, we not only teach them with a world class education method, but also arrange for them to meet with successful people who already met our vision.

In this context, we invited Pınar Abay, CEO of the ING Bank Turkey, to share her own experiences, education, choices and roads she took in order to reach such an achievement.

Pınar Abay studied Economics at Bilkent University on scholarship and graduated with High Honors, and received an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. Before joining ING Bank, she served as partner in charge of banking sector at McKinsey & Company Turkey. She began working at McKinsey & Company in 1998, and provided consultancy to global finance institutions in New York and San Francisco Silicon Valley, as well as İstanbul throughout her tenure of 13 years. Pınar Abay has been the CEO and a Member of the Board of Directors of ING Bank since October 2011. In addition to acting as the CEO of ING Bank Turkey, she was appointed as a Member of the Board of Directors of ING Belgium as of July 2016.