TBS Success Stories: Zeynep Atakan

Top UK's Universities
visited TBS students!

TBS JMUN Team attended the JMUNESCO in Ankara

TBS Celebrates the World Mother Language Day

Sabancı Museum Trip: Ai Weiwei On Porcelain

Another Amazing Performance

Another amazing performance from TBS students.

Cambridge teacher training

Cambridge IGCSE English As a Second Language and First Language English Extension trainings took place at our Tarabya Campus on 6th and 7th of May, 2...

Glass Artist Dilara Egeli

Glass Artist: Dilara Egeli visited our students at our Yeniköy campus

Cambridge Face-to-Face Teacher Training Events.

The teacher training sessions given by Cambridge Assessment International Education took place at our Tarabya campus between the 18th and 19th of Nov...

The EBA has awarded the TBS!

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme Training

“The Duke of Edinburgh International Awards” award leader training was given at our Tarabya campus in the weekend.

Academic Union Teacher Training Events: Prof. Dr. Soner Yıldırım from...

Organised by the Academic Union, TBS teacher training seminars presented by top education professors and experts continued this weekend.

House Debating Competition for Humanities Day

Students participated in a House Debating Competition for Humanities Day.

World Universities visited TBS Students.

In the light of our "Raising Globally-Minded Individuals" vision and our goal of preparing and placing our students unconditionally to world universi...

Exam Timetables for Secondary and High School

Please use the link to view the exam timetable for secondary and high school students