TBS JMUN Team participated in a conference held at a private school in Istanbul. Six of our secondary school students successfully represented FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) in Cyber Security, Education, Health, Sustainability, Urbanisation and Youth Committees. This year’s topic was “Confronting Extremism”. Students talked about the extremist groups especially in the Middle East, and tried to come up with solutions to the problems these extremist groups are creating in their committees.

United Nations (UN) is an international organization which works to achieve world peace. Model United Nations (MUN) is an activity held in schools all around the world, where students simulate the real United Nations. JMUN is a unique event since it is organized for middle-school students and run by high school students. MUN helps students develop their verbal and written English. It also improves debating, public-speaking and problem-solving skills.

MUN conferences raise the youth’s awareness of global problems and introduce them to people from different backgrounds. JMUN works in the official language of the UN which is English. Students form teams called “delegations” (country or non-governmental organization) and represent them throughout the conference. Every student in a delegation is called a delegate. In conferences, delegates are separated into different committees and in committees, they research important world problems with other delegates from different schools. They find solutions to these problems and make recommendations to the UN with a view to achieving peace and stability and creating a better world for the future.